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Tesla's challenge for the Model 3 - Conversion! Suggestions on how to ENGAGE potential Model 3 buyers

vrijdag 3 feb 2017 Blog Edo van der Zouwen Tesla's challenge for the Model 3 - Conversion!

In spring 2016 I contacted Tesla because I feel they are creating a problem for themselves by not engaging potential Model 3 buyers. Here's an article based on my e-mails which I send. This weeks blog is in English because I hope Tesla will read it :-)


I’m among the more than 400.000 people worldwide who have reserved the new, still to come Tesla 3 and who have deposited 1.000 Euro / 1.000 USD. I’m a great fan of Tesla and impressed by what they have achieved so far and what they are doing to make the world a more sustainable place.

Earlier, Elon Musk said to investors and the press that (at that moment) 325.000 people bought the Tesla 3. In my opinion, that’s not the case. I didn’t buy anything yet, I deposited 1.000 Euro’s because I’m highly interested, I want to get in line and also because I want to be part of a movement.

If I like the car when it becomes available (and still can afford it), theres a high chance I will buy it. If not, I will ask for a refund. I think there are many more people like me. Tesla’s challenge is to get all these highly interested people to really buy it: a conversion ratio which comes as close as possible to 100%.

However I feel that after depositing 1000 Euro’s, I’m left in the dark. I received my confirmation. That’s it. I now receive the regular newsletter from Tesla, where there's no mention of the Model 3. I don’t feel involved, I do not feel appreciated (together we injected 400.000 million USD working capital!!), I do not feel ENGAGED. And I believe that will be bad for conversion.


That why I wrote to Tesla in May 2016 with some suggestions on how to engage / involve those 400.000 people like me with Tesla Motors and the Model 3:

·         Make a special newsletter for the Tesla 3:

o    Give me news on tech developments, specifications

o    Show me new photo’s of the car, of details, video’s with test drives etc

o    Make me really want it!

·         Show me where I stand in line (right now I have no clue whether I’m number 50.000, 150.000 or 250.000)

o    Later when things are more clear, try to give me an estimated delivery time / count down clock

o    Make me look forward to it!

·         Make a miniature car available. My almost 4 year old son will love it! (and so will I)

o    Different versions and quality (for different ages)

o    Perhaps a self driving robot car??

o    Make me see it every day!

·         Organize visits to the Tesla factories

o    People will be happy to pay if you meet certain criteria (food available, some entertainment, test drives etc)

o    Connect me!

·         Start organizing test drives for the Tesla 3 in the target countries as soon as it is available.

o    People will be happy to sign up for this too: get in line.

o    Make me crazy about it!

·         Start now, don’t wait. Keep momentum, it’s already dwindling in my opinion (and my original version of this text is 8 months old.....).

o    A first newsletter could be send in 2-3 days.


And there's a lot more where that came from. Mindful Marketing is an independent marketing consultancy focused on customer engagement. I will be most happy to generate more ideas together with Tesla's staff. Unfortunately I never received an answer.... (They still can: edo@mindful.nl)